We are the pioneers of the treatment of Infertility, ICSI and IVF..

At Dar Al-Tib, we are proud to provide the highest level of medical service in the field of ICSI, IVF and treatment of infertility in the Middle East. We have a team of senior consultants in the field of treatment of Infertility, ICSI and andrology, in order to be the leading medical center in Africa in this field . We cope with the latest modern technology and cooperate with major American research centers to obtain the highest success rates for IVF and its operations, to occupy the first position in Africa and the Middle East.

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At Dar Al-Tib, we are proud to offer a premium level of medical service. We cope with the latest modern technology, and are recognized by continuous access to the latest and most important researches in the world to obtain the highest success rates, which took us to the first position. With all care and attention, we offer our medical services to you, using our experience and capabilities to achieve your dreams. We take your dream into consideration. We always believe that there is hope, and we strive to achieve it in all possible ways. We seek to maintain the first rank in Egypt and the Middle East with the highest success rates in IVF and ICSI. Pioneers of infertility treatment and ICSI... Your dream will come true 3
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Awadallah.

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