The Headquarters in Dokki

Address: 5 Amman Street – Dokki – Giza.

For reservations: 01000778702

Address: Fifth Residential District, Banks District, Seven Stars Mall, Entrance 6, Third Floor.

For reservations: 01050164401

Address: Abu Al-Majd Amer Street, from Shams Al-Din Al-Dhahabi – Girls College Station – Al-Ibtessama Hospital.

For reservations: 01015070521

Address: 3 Abdel Salam Aref Street – next to the Islamic Dawa Hospital – First Floor.

For reservations: 01015070523

Address: 31 El Gomhoria Street – in front of El Gomhoria Mall – next to Abdeen Pharmacy.

For reservations: 01015070524


Address: 139 Al-Azhar University Street – Al-Mustafa Tower, in front of the Health Directorate – the third floor, apartment 304.

For reservations: 01050164404


Address: 10 Roshdy Street, next to Alex Sydney Hospital – Alexandria.

For reservations: 035228222 – 01050164403

Address: Fifth District – Cairo Medical Center – next to Aiden Hospital – 6th of October.

For reservations: 01050164402


Address: 10th of Ramadan, inside Al-Bashara Hospital – next to Doha Mall – first floor

For reservations: 01015070522


Address: Counsel Nafie Street in front of Damietta Stadium

For reservations: 012880171500572220888


Address: Al Thalatheni street, Tabarak tower, 8th floor

For reservations: 012077778960663262031