It is not about years, it is about achievements and experience.

Dar Al-Tib is one of the first centers in Egypt and the Middle East concerned with the field of infertility and assisted fertilization, where its presence at the beginning of 2008 was the beginning of thousands of IVF operations. Nowadays, modern technologies have become available in Dar Al-Tib, compared to the best centers in the world, and they are used to diagnose the most difficult and complex cases. 2011 was a turning point at Dar Al-Tib, where we achieved the highest success rate for ICSI and IVF cases in Egypt and the Middle East, through a team of senior doctors having great Experience and latest devices and modern technologies such as (Laser-assisted hatching/ genetic examination of embryos / microscopic surgeries), this is in addition to the other specialties of Dar Al-Tib in andrology and surgeries.

We have spent nearly 100 million pounds to equip the laboratories, provide the center with expertise, and improve the existing scientific competencies. We have an ambitious plan to reach record success rates next year after introducing more updates. Now in Dar Al-Tib, more than 500 medical and non-medical employees are working, everyone is at your command. Over the past years, we have taken the lead in making scientific and technical coordination with the largest centers for IVF in the United Kingdom, to complete the successful system.

Dar Al-Tib is distinguished from any other center due to the presence of a full Andrology unit including the best professors and consultants, to treat andrology disorders and diseases, performing operations for men to complete their wife’s treatment protocol.
The Andrology Unit at Dar Al-Tibb conducts andrology tests, starting with semen analysis, hormone analyzes in the blood, DNA analyzes, chromosomal examination of the semen, and testicular samples, as well as testicular samples using a surgical microscope.

Dar Al-Tib World wide

Our Goals



- We have a strong belief that ethical and honest behavior is an integral part of a successful job.
- We consider honesty, integrity and transparency in dealing with all cases in all of our branches.
-We respect the privacy of each case and the confidentiality of its details.


- We are responsible to work for a better future for all, in front of our patients and society.
- We work to answer all your inquiries immediately.
- We look for solutions and focus on results.
- Spreading reassurance and working on the psychological comfort of the patient is part of our responsibility.


- We share with you the journey of having a child with the same passion.
- Drawing a smile on the face of every father and mother is the best feeling that can be felt.


- We always strive to achieve the best results in everything we do.
- We always work to achieve the highest success rate.
- We emphasize the role of internal control on continuous basis.
- We provide integrated care for all cases.